Supply Chain & Trading


We offer global supply chain services, from product development, sourcing, procurement, manufacturing, documentation, warehousing, inspection, transportation to distribution.


We provide a comprehensive trading service with professional solutions in procurement, agency, customs clearances and documentation. Our range of logistics capabilities supports and expedites your cargo in the most effective and efficient way.


Project Logistic


Be it shipping, international freight forwarding, project shipment, cross-border and on-forwarding with logistics, Cohesive offers door-to-door service that promises full convenience. Equipped with WMS system, our warehouse allows customers to access their inventory remotely, thereby enjoying maximum flexibility to their storage facility.


Environmental Products & Fabrication


We provide comprehensive environmental solutions for heavy industries such as oil and gas, construction and energy companies. All our products are manufactured in-house to ensure the highest level of quality.


Committed to delivering quality products and services to our customers, we ensure that all employees abide by strict health and safety measure in our manufacturing facilities. Our manufacturing processes are certified and standards are upheld according to international oil and gas standards.